The JATC welcomes their new Administrative Assistant Michele Gilbert.

   To Apply for the UA Scholarship go to click on UANET: MEMBERS ONLY and look for the link, deadline is June 1, 2019.

  We need everyones help fighting House Bill 1670 please click on the link below and send a letter:


     We are now able to pay dues online using your smart phone or click on the link below.

    On your smart phone, go to your app store and download the ISAQR app. follow the instructions, click on Login Request, as long as your cell phone is correct on file you will see a OTP conffirmation via text or email.

   The April Business Managers report click below:


   Click on file below for election of Officer results:


  We are looking for plumber and pipe fitter helpers, starting pay is $10.50 an hour with single insurance included, you will need to bring: a birth certificate, valid drivers licence or id and a $15.00 money order to get your state apprenticeship card. Please contact Michele at the Training Center or call 210 226-2661 ext.28 for more details. 

  click on link below for application.


    Air Force Federal Credit Union Website:

   AmeriBen has opened up a website so that our members can look up their health benefits, claims paid, deductible amounts paid etc. click on; to sign up.There is also a mobile app for your smart phone, search: MyAmeriBen


      Starting on January 1, 2018 Journeyman U.A. Dues will be going up to $35.00 a month, all Apprentices U.A. Dues will be going up to $31.00 a month.     

  Anyone signing up for OSHA 30, or continuing ED. please call Michele at: 210 226-2661 ext. #218

   For Insurance or Pension Questions please call the AmeriBen Group at: 972 943-9669 and ask: Alice for Insurance, Malinda for Pension and Ebonie for Insurance hours.

   For most current insurance changes click on link below.


  • Here is the Prescription carrier information starting 1/1/2016:


     Rx Bin- 006558

     Rx Group- PP142

    Click on Link to access self pay  Dental Insurance:

     Fabian Cantu email:


  • When reporting to work:

     Please have your Social Security card in hand.

     Please have a valid Texas Driver's License or Texas ID in hand.

     Please wear the proper attire and ready to go out to the job-site.

     Please be on time.

     Please have your Drivers License, ID or Social Security card with you, if not the Contractors cannot send you out to work.

     Thank You

     Mark Potter

     Business Manager


    Heads Bowed: 

  Brother Paul Pawelka passed away on December 22, at the age of 63, he was a 18 year member joining the Local on December of 2000. He will be missed.

  Brother David C. Titus passed away on November 23, 2018 at the age of 85, he was a Life Member and joined the Local in May of 1965. He will be missed.


     Monday May 6, 2019: Executive Board Meeting @ 4:30 pm

     Thursday, May 9, 2019: Finance Board Meeting @4:30 pm

     Monday May 13, 2019: Regular Monthly Union meeting@ 5:30 pm at 3630 Belgium Lane.

     Wednesday April 17th and 18th, 2019: Apprenticeship Meeting  9:00 am 

    Wednesday April 17, 2019: Retiree luncheon,11:30 am at the Hall: 3630 Belgium Lane.