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Southwest Service Administrators, Inc.
Phone: 888 619-5364 Website: https://www.ssatpa.com
Address: 2425 N. Central Expressway Suite 120, Richardson, TX 75080

Southwest Service Administrators has an app for your smart phone, SSAPORTAL is the logo to look for.                                                     

SAV-RX has responded to the covid-19 virus by  filling prescriptions sooner :Prescription refill parameters have been extended to allow participants to refill maintenance medications when
50% of the current supply has been utilized (industry standard is 75%) at retail pharmacies and also at the Sav-
Rx Mail Order Pharmacy. Please note this does not apply to opioids or controlled substances. Participant cost
share (copay) will apply according to Plan rules.SAV-RX_COVID_19_PREPAREDNESS 





The U.A.P.P. Local 142 Board of Trustees is pleased to announce  two new programs available to all plan participants and dependents effective April 1, 2020. MD live (virtual visits with a doctor) and 24/7 Nurseline (talk to a nurse anytime). Click on the file below for more information:


Save-RX  Prescription Carrier Information :
Rx Bin- 006558
Rx Group- PP142 

1-800 228-3108 

The 401K is being administered by:
Alliance Benefit Group of Houston
7425 Hollister Rd.
Houston, TX 77040

Starting June 1, 2019 our new Third-Party Administrator took over, you should have received a letter from Southwest Service Administrators, you also should have received your new insurance card in the mail. Pension checks are promised to be on time without interruption. The new contact number is:  888 619-5364